Frank Heckman Embassey of the Earth

Embassey of the earth

Why not change to be adaptive?

The Embassy of the Earth is a concept created by Frank Heckman in 1999 when he came back from a UN mission in Kosovo. The challenge there was to ‘repair’ the war damage to power plants and main roads before the harsh winter was setting in. By creating a social platform and assisting a very diverse group of people to design the way towards solution(s)was in retrospect the fastest way to get the job done. The local culture of sitting on the ground in a ceremonial room (oda) proved to be very effective for constructive dialogue. We were working in an ‘Embassy of the Earth’. Later on, we  chose the Mongolian Ger to symbolize the ceremonial room for the Embassy of the Earth.

The Embassy of the Earth Foundation follows the simple line of thought: “Instead of constantly trying to adapt to change, why not change to be adaptive?” ‘Without losing focus on the issues at hand, the greatest impact comes through unleashing the power and spirit of the social community’.  ‘About creating an environment in which responsible people are prepared to go beyond self-interest to serve the common purpose. A community of people that can dream possible futures, create new realities and actively adapt to new challenges’.